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Lisa's Loose Cannons
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Recruitment Goal: 40
Members Recruited: 37

Join me in my efforts to support Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg!

Thank you for supporting/joining our Walking Group Team, Lisa's Loose Cannons,on Saturday, April 22rd. So many of us have benefited from the wonderful outreach support afforded to us through Hospice House. Walk to celebrate the memory of loved ones, in honor of someone, or just to support Hospice House!

Remember, every time you take a group walk on Tues, Thurs or Sat; attend the women and men's lunches; join us for Thurs breakfast and Sat lunches; take part in Hannah's support groups; join us for Sunday dinners, you can thank Hospice House. All these services and so much more are offered to the Williamsburg community at no charge. Everyday I see how important these services are and how the House touches so many lives, making a real difference.

Team Members:
Total Raised$17,595.00  
General Team Donation$11,605.00  
Ann Oropeza$1,545.00  
   Anne Annala$40.00  
   Jayne Barnard$275.00  
   Page BRINKLEY$100.00  
   Richard Bunger$25.00  
   Holly Campbell$125.00  
   Richard costello$125.00  
   Johannah Creager$35.00  
   alfred davidoff$225.00  
   Margaret Donohue-Cope$525.00  
   Pat Eden$700.00  
   Graydon Elliott$525.00  
   Barbara Evans$25.00  
   Robert Fichter$25.00  
   Joanne Finstrom$125.00  
   Nancy Fogarty$35.00  
   Marie Gold$25.00  
   Elizabeth Havard$25.00  
   Coles Hudgins$25.00  
   Robert Jodon$25.00  
   Judy Jones$25.00  
   Zoe Long$35.00  
   Darlene MacPherson$525.00  
   Paul Marriott$50.00  
   Thomas Mills$40.00  
   Lee Moir$25.00  
   Pierre Momballou$100.00  
   Elaine Myers$25.00  
   Cynthia OHare$125.00  
   Sean Pershing$75.00  
   Tricia Pershing$25.00  
   Sharon Reed$110.00  
   Naomi Replogle$25.00  
   Deb Ruge$25.00  
   Lois Seiner$75.00  
   Lucy Szrama$25.00  
   Rhea Woloszynski$125.00  

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